Bookkeeping Services FAQs

Bookkeeping Services FAQs

The cost of Bookkeeping Services that you may engage will depends on the set up of your accounting software and systems, and the quantity and level of the work to be done.  The Bookkeeper Centre will do a free bookkeeping check to see where you’re at and make suggestions on ways to streamline your bookkeeping and then recommend a fixed price package tailored to your business.  

 The role of a bookkeeper if you look up a definition is to maintain the key accounting data and records of a business.  However, at The Bookkeeper Centre, we go far beyond that.  We work with you as the business owner to prepare accounting data and make important business decisions that will help you to grow your business, take back time and enjoy being in business.  For more information on the bookkeeping services we offer please take a look at our Bookkeeping Services page or book a time to chat with us here.  

The best accounting software for your business depends on what your business requirements are and what information you would like to get it out of it.  The most popular choices for small businesses are Xero and MYOB.  We have bookkeepers who are trained in both softwares and have specialists for both too.  We will compile a list of requirements for your business and make recommendations on what system will suit your needs, and also let you know if any add-on solutions will be able to streamline your processing, making your accountings and business management tasks quicker and easier.  

Bookkeeping services off site – from our office – offer a huge number of benefits to small businesses.  Firstly, it can be cheaper and we can work on your data on a more regular basic, meaning you have more current and relevant accounting information available to you when you need to make financial decisions. You also gain the knowledge of more than one bookkeeper, as we work in teams you have a range of different experiences and strengths at your service.  

Bookkeeping services and accounting services are quite different and should compliment one another.  A bookkeeper will work with you on your daily accounting and financial decisions up to BAS lodgement and payroll (Single Touch Payroll), whereas your accountant will work with you and the bookkeeper on tax planning and lodgements.  It is ideal to engage both a bookkeeping service and an accounting service.  This way you will have a broad range of skill and knowledge – like having your own CFO team.   

A great bookkeeper will above all else, listen to you and work with you to plan to hit targets and goals within your business, and for you personally.  Chose a bookkeeper you feel comfortable with, you will need to share your financial information with them, so make sure you feel like you can build a trusting relationship right from the start.  

It is also important that they have the correct knowledge and skill for your industry and your software, they should be a registered BAS Agent.  

Our bookkeepers are BAS Agents, have a minimum of a Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping as well as hold membership with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers or Australian Bookkeepers Network.

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